Centerpiece Treatments

Centerpiece treatments are the decor or adornment that is added to a centerpiece vessel. The centerpiece treatments include floral, greenery, candles, mirrors, lighting and more. Centerpiece teatments are added to the centerpiece vessel after the vessel is in place and complete the centerpiece design.


We have several popular centerpiece treatments that can be added to your main centerpiece vessel

Dried Petals

Dried Flower Petals centerpiece treatment


Bling Wrap

Bling Wrap centerpiece treatment


Beaded Votives

Beaded Votives centerpiece treatment



centerpiece light base rental

Pillar Candles

Pillar Candle centerpiece treatment


Crystal Fibers

Crystal Fibers centerpiece treatment


Mercury Votives

Mercury Votives centerpiece treatment


Submersible Lights

submersible lighting

Battery Votives

Battery Votive centerpiece treatment


Water Pearls

Water Pearls centerpiece treatment



Mirrors centerpiece treatment


Fresh Flowers

fresh flowers

Vase Gems

Vase Gems centerpiece treatment


Crystal Garland

Crystal Garland centerpiece treatment


Liquid Votives

Liquid Votive Candle


Table Runner

table runner

Glass Votives

Glass Votive centerpiece treatment


Floating Candles

Floating Candles centerpiece treatment


Glass Diamonds

Glass Diamonds centerpiece treatment






Maintain Theme Consistency

It's important to make sure your centerpieces match your overall theme. For example, if you are considering a Spring Rustic Chic theme, use pastels like pink, peach, light beige, light blue and other romantic combinations.

Vary Your Designs

Place two or three designs throughout your reception tables for a visually dynamic space that’s still consistent. This will create lots of visual texture throughout the room. Using one centerpiece style for each table may be consistent, but it's not as exciting.

Keep Things Visual

Make sure your guests will be able to see each other no matter where they’re seated at the table. Use either low centerpieces, tall tapers, candelabras, topiaries or tall clear vases.

Use Glamorous Vessels

The vessels are as important as the blooms that fill them. If you’re having a vintage wedding, go for antiqued decor. If your having a beach or outdoor wedding, keep your centerpieces light and airy.

Make Them Sturdy

It's inevitable that guests will bump into reception tables after the party gets rolling, so make sure your centerpieces are sturdy, especially if they're taller.