Non-Glass Centerpiece Design Resource

This is a listing of non-glass items that are used for centerpieces. Use our rental & design service and save yourself the running around to craft stores. You can create a beautiful and affordable centerpiece.



Candelabra w Jewels


32" h x 16" diam


available in black or silver

New Color!

Candelabra w/o Jewels


34" h x 16" diam


Sample Candelabra Designs

click on image to enlarge

  • candelabra-reception centerpiece-8212
  • candelabra-reception centerpiece-8202
  • candelabra-reception centerpiece-8211
  • candelabra-reception centerpiece-8203
  • candelabra-reception centerpiece-8210
  • candelabra-reception centerpiece-8204
  • candelabra-reception centerpiece-8206
  • candelabra-reception centerpiece-8201
  • candelabra-reception centerpiece-8207
  • candelabra-reception centerpiece-8208


Wood Slabs

Wood Slice for Centerpiece of Place Setting

3/4" h x 12-14" diam


We also carry aisle stumps and large slices. See Wood Slices and Stumps


Candlestick Cluster

12" h | 12" diam

14.50 each

available in brown or white

Sample Candlestick Cluster Designs

click on image to enlarge

  • candlestick cluster-reception centerpiece-7453
  • candlestick cluster-reception centerpiece-7454
  • candlestick cluster-reception centerpiece-7455


Silver Candlesticks

20" h | 5" diam

11.50 each

30" h | 5" diam

13.50 each

Sample Candlestick Designs

click on image to enlarge

  • candlesticks - reception centerpiece -3006
  • candlesticks - reception centerpiece -3007


Cowboy Boot

12" h | 4" long


Cowboy Boot Designs

click on image to enlarge

  • wood slice -reception centerpiece -3003
  • wood slice -reception centerpiece -3004
  • wood slice -reception centerpiece -3005


Birch Wrap Around

7" h | 10"x5'


9" h | 6" diam


5" h | 6" diam


7" h | 8" diam


Birch Wrap Around and Bucket Designs

click on image to enlarge

photos coming soon


Wrought Iron Tower

18" h | 6" x 6"


Wrought Iron Tower Designs

click on image to enlarge

photos coming soon


Coach Lanterns



  • Coach Lantern - 7521


Available Treatments

Call for pricing or you may prefer to schedule a consultation.

Dried Flower Petals

Dried Flower Petals centerpiece treatment


Bling Wrap

Bling Wrap centerpiece treatment


Beaded Votives

Beaded Votives centerpiece treatment


Lighted Base

centerpiece light base rental

Pillar Candles

Pillar Candle centerpiece treatment


Crystal Fibers

Crystal Fibers centerpiece treatment


Mercury Votives

Mercury Votives centerpiece treatment


Submersible Lights

submersible lighting

Battery Votives

Battery Votive centerpiece treatment


Water Pearls

Water Pearls centerpiece treatment



Mirrors centerpiece treatment


Fresh Flowers

fresh flowers

Vase Gems

Vase Gems centerpiece treatment


Crystal Garland

Crystal Garland centerpiece treatment


Liquid Votive Candle

Liquid Votive Candle


Table Runner

table runner

Glass Votives

Glass Votive centerpiece treatment


Floating Candles

Floating Candles centerpiece treatment


Glass Diamonds

Glass Diamonds centerpiece treatment