Glass Centerpiece Vessels

Cylinder Vase . Leander Vase . Tulip Vase . Pilsner Vase . Square Vase . Trumpet Vase . Martini Vase . Palace Vase

DESIGN TIP: Consider placing two or three designs throughout your reception tables for a visually dynamic space that’s still consistent. This will create lots of visual texture throughout the room. Using one centerpiece style for each table may be consistent, but it's not as exciting.

Looking for a centerpiece vessel that's not glass? Go to the Non-Glass Centerpiece Vessel page.


Cylinder Vase #110

Cylinder Vase

6" height x 4.5" diameter

12" height x 4.5" diameter

18" height x 5" diameter

22" height x 5" diameter

28" height x 5.5" diameter

32" height x 5.5" diameter

40" height | 8" diameter


Finished Centerpiece Sample

Cylinder Vase

Leander Vase #310

Leander Vase

16" height x 4" diameter

20" height x 4" diameter

26" height | 5" diameter


Finished Centerpiece Sample

Leander Vase

Tulip Vase #410

Tulip Vase

22" height x 6" diameter

28" height x 6 1⁄2" diameter

32" height x 7" diameter


Finished Centerpiece Sample

Tulip Vase


Pilsner Vase #510

Pilsner Vase

16" height x 4.5" diameter

24" height x 4.5" diameter

36" height x 5" diameter


Finished Centerpiece Sample

Pilsner Vase

Square Vase #210

Square Tower Vase

details coming soon


Finished Centerpiece Sample

Square Vase

Trumpet Vase #710

Trumpet Vase

27" height x 4" diameter

38" height x 5" diameter


Finished Centerpiece Sample

Pilsner Vase

Trumpet Vases can hold larger and heavier arrangements, than a Pilsner Vase.


Oversized Martini Vase #360

Oversized Martini Vase

14" height x 8" diameter


20" height x 5" diameter


30" height x 6" diameter



Finished Centerpiece Sample

Oversized Martini Vase

Palace Vase #365

Palace Vase

24" height x 3" diameter



Finished Centerpiece Sample

Palace Vase

Just In

Glass Bell Top

Glass Bell Top

10" tall x 10" diameter

$10.50 each

16" tall x 12" diameter

$12.50 each


Finished Centerpiece Sample

Glass Bell Top


Pillar Leander Vase #320

16" height x 4" diameter



Finished Centerpiece Sample

Pillar Leander Vase

Mercury Glass #330

Mercury Glass

We have a large selection of mercury glass vessels. Please inquire.


Another Mercury Glass Sample

Mercury Glass

Coming Soon.


Treatments that can be added to your main centerpiece vessel

Dried Petals

Dried Flower Petals centerpiece treatment


Bling Wrap

Bling Wrap centerpiece treatment


Beaded Votives

Beaded Votives centerpiece treatment



centerpiece light base rental

Pillar Candles

Pillar Candle centerpiece treatment


Crystal Fibers

Crystal Fibers centerpiece treatment


Mercury Votives

Mercury Votives centerpiece treatment


Submersible Lights

submersible lighting

Battery Votives

Battery Votive centerpiece treatment


Water Pearls

Water Pearls centerpiece treatment



Mirrors centerpiece treatment


Fresh Flowers

fresh flowers

Vase Gems

Vase Gems centerpiece treatment


Crystal Garland

Crystal Garland centerpiece treatment


Liquid Votives

Liquid Votive Candle


Table Runner

table runner

Glass Votives

Glass Votive centerpiece treatment


Floating Candles

Floating Candles centerpiece treatment


Glass Diamonds

Glass Diamonds centerpiece treatment