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Non-Glass Centerpiece Vessels

Candelabra . Coach Lanterns . Bird Cages . Candle Sticks . Cowboy Boots . Wood Slabs


Something to consider: Place two or three designs throughout your reception tables for a visually dynamic space that’s still consistent. This will create lots of visual texture throughout the room.




We stock many types of candelabra and can only a few on this page. We have a complete section of candelabra.

more candelabras

Coach Lanterns

We stock many types of coach lanterns and can only show a few on this page. We have a complete section of coach lanterns.

more coach lanterns

Wood Slabs

We also carry aisle stumps, as well as the larger wood slices that are used for scene staging displays.

more wood slices


Silver Candlesticks


$11.50 - 24" h x 5" diam

$13.50 - 30" h x 5" diam


Cowboy Boot


$8.00 - 12" h x 8" heel to toe

Bird Cages


We handle many types of bird cages and can only show a few on this page. We have a complete section of bird cages.

See more bird cages.



Wrought Iron Tower


18" h x 6" w x 6" w


Both the wire frame and glass cylinder vase is included.

Wrought Iron Tower


24" h x 9" diam


This vase is large enough to use as staging decor at a wedding altar.

Candlestick Cluster


Candlestick Cluster

A beautiful and unique presentation.

candlestick cluster - #830

12" h x 12" diam


brown or white



Jeweled Tree


Jeweled Tree

Clear Jewels w Gold Sparkle Base

16" tall x 6" diam

$12.50 each

Great for glitter or bling them.

Gold Coach Lantern


Gold Coach Lantern

12" h x 7" x 5"

15" h x 10" x 6"

$9.00 small

$11.00 large

Gold Coach Lantern


Gold Coach Lantern

28" h x 9"x 9"



Looking for a glass centerpiece vessel? Go to the Glass Centerpiece Vessel page.


Birch Wrap Arounds

Birch Wrap Arounds

9" h x 6" diam


Birch Wrap Arounds

Birch Wrap Arounds

5" h x 6" diam


7" h x 8" diam


Birch Wrap Arounds

Birch Wrap Arounds

7" h x 10" x 5"



Treatments that can be added to a centerpiece vessel

Dried Petals

Dried Flower Petals centerpiece treatment

Pillar Candles

Pillar Candle centerpiece treatment

Battery Votives

Battery Votive centerpiece treatment

Vase Gems

Vase Gems centerpiece treatment

Glass Votives

Glass Votive centerpiece treatment

Bling Wrap

Bling Wrap centerpiece treatment

Crystal Fibers

Crystal Fibers centerpiece treatment

Water Pearls

Water Pearls centerpiece treatment

Crystal Garland

Crystal Garland centerpiece treatment

Floating Candles

Floating Candles centerpiece treatment

Beaded Votives

Beaded Votives centerpiece treatment

Mercury Votives

Mercury Votives centerpiece treatment


Mirrors centerpiece treatment


Liquid Votives

Liquid Votive Candle

Glass Diamonds

Glass Diamonds centerpiece treatment

Lighted Base

centerpiece light base rental

Submersible Lights

submersible lighting

Fresh Flowers

fresh flowers

Table Runner

table runner



About Coach Lanterns

Coach lanterns are beautiful and versatile, and often used as centerpieces, wedding altar accents, and as complimentary decor when added to scene staging.


Gold Terrarium Lantern


Gold Terrarium Style Coach Lantern See more lanterns


Rustic Brown Coach Lantern


Rustic Brown Coach Lantern See more lanterns


Delivery & Set-up

BWR can deliver and set-up your centerpieces. We have a florist that can fill your centerpiece vessels with luscious flowers that are works of art. Use our service staff to help with your buffet and attend to your guests during the reception. After everything is over, we'll pack up our rentals and take them with us. No return trip fee. Nice!


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