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This rental agreement, or the "Agreement," governs your client relationship with Bella Wedding Rentals, also known as "We," "Us" or "BWR." By accepting it electronically or otherwise, you, or the "Client," agree that you'll rent the equipment enumerated within the separate contract invoice that we provide you per that document's terms and this Agreement’s conditions, including:



You must pay the reservation cost in full to confirm your rental booking. If you need to cancel an already-booked reservation, you agree to pay cancellation fees amounting to:

  • 50 percent of the contract price when you cancel earlier than three days before your scheduled delivery time, or
  • 100 percent of the contract price when you cancel within three days of your scheduled delivery time.

You agree that once we've dispatched rentals from the BWR warehouse, refunds won't be granted under any circumstances. You also agree that you’ll pay for all of the services and equipment that we provide, including any damages, losses or modifications that you or your agents make.



For delivery eligibility, your rental order's value must total at least $500.00 not including additional delivery fees.



Upon receiving a delivery, you or your duly authorized agent must verify it in person. You agree to sign off with a BWR staff member acknowledging your receipt of the delivery and assumption of responsibility for the equipment.
If you receive equipment in a damaged or otherwise unusable state, you agree that you'll provide BWR with written or telephone notification before your event commences. You also waive your right to seek refunds or any other credits for such rentals if you fail to notify BWR of the problems in writing before the event. You acknowledge that BWR won't accept order modifications or equipment exchange requests after our delivery representatives have vacated the drop-off location.



You acknowledge that BWR isn't responsible for breaches of the contract timeframe that are beyond our control, including traffic accidents, vehicular failures, regional security or any “acts of god”. The delivery schedule included in your contract is an approximation that doesn't constitute a guarantee.
The descriptions of the equipment that you rent may not perfectly match what you receive due to manufacturer variances, prior usage and other factors. BWR may also substitute rental equipment for other functionally similar offerings at our sole discretion.



You agree not to sublease, rent out or otherwise attempt to loan for remuneration any equipment that you rent from BWR.



During the rental period, you agree that you'll cease using the equipment as soon as it becomes unsafe or you observe it in a state of disrepair. You'll notify BWR of the hazard immediately and continue taking reasonable steps to prevent persons and properties from sustaining injury or damage until our representatives personally relieve you of responsibility for the items.



If any equipment suffers damage, loss or destruction, you agree to pay BWR the entirety of the necessary costs to replace it at retail value. BWR may let you pay the repair expenses for compromised goods at our sole discretion if we deem it possible and practical to restore them to their original pre-rental state.
We reserve the right to charge $50 service fees for each occurrence of damage, including intentional modifications such as stapling, gluing or nailing. We'll also bill you for any items that require excessive cleaning.



Except for deliveries made on Fridays, we assess rental rates in 24-hour increments. You may request an extension of your rental period by contacting us in writing and obtaining our written approval beforehand. You agree to pay supplemental overtime rates while you retain possession of the equipment, but we may waive these additional charges for Friday deliveries that you extend until the following Monday.



At the end of the rental period, you must return all of the equipment in a state identical to how you originally got it. You must:

  • Rinse silverware, glassware and dishware clean of debris.
  • Ensure that linens are returned without stains, burns, candle wax or other marks and placed in the proper bagging.
  • Pack all other equipment, including attachments and parts, in the same crates and positions that they were in when you received them.

You agree to return the equipment to the BWR warehouse yourself if it's in such a state that prevents pickup at the appointed time and place. You'll be charged extra penalties if you need us to retrieve any equipment outside of the original contract terms.



Within no more than two business days following the pickup date, BWR will furnish you with an invoice that details missing and damaged equipment. If you can’t locate missing equipment within 24 hours of receiving of such notice, you authorize us to automatically process a payment to the credit card that you provided.



If claims for damages, injury or loss arise concerning the equipment, its use, transportation, keeping, malfunction or loading, you agree to indemnify BWR. You also acknowledge that you're solely liable for any charges related to such claims or contract terms, including collection fees, attorney or court costs and expenses that BWR incurs while enforcing this Agreement.

By accepting this Agreement, you consent to its terms and conditions in full, and you acknowledge that they pertain to all BWR invoices regardless whether such documents include their own terms.

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