Aisle Runners

Indoor aisle runners, outdoor aisle runners and disposable aisle runners.


Standard aisle runner colors are red or white.

Custom Colors are available in ivory, pink, lilac, brown, black & light blue.*

Monograms are available.*

* Custom colors and monograms have an additional cost.

Light duty or disposable aisle runners are the least expensive. Light duty/disposable aisle runners are normally available in plastic or light weight material. Disposable aisle runners are not well suited for outdoor use, but are sometimes used in certain outdoor situations. The disposable aisle runners need to be anchored to the ground to prevent movement.

The medium duty is a medium weight fabric that is great for indoor use, but can be used outdoors.

The best quality level is also the heaviest. It is perfect for covering grass because it lies more flat to the ground than the lighter weight fabrics.


aisle runner rental
aisle runner rental
aisle runner rental
aisle runner rental


Polyester Twill Aisle Runner Rental (indoor / outdoor use)

This is a sturdy aisle runner that stays in place.

25 ft - 50 ft - 75 ft - 100 ft lengths 

Standard colors available and are 36" wide


Custom Colors and Fabric

Custom colors and fabric are special order and have an additional cost.


Disposable Aisle Runners

25 ft and 50 ft  lengths


Carpet Runners - red or white

25 ft and 50 ft  lengths



Consider thinking outside the box. Here's nice alternative to an aisle runner.


Faux Eucalyptus Garland

Eucalyptus Garland

Eucalyptus Garland


The eucalyptus runner can be easily incorporated into your wedding design. Our eucalyptus runner is available in 8 foot sections.

Wedding Altar Design with eucalyptus garland

Sweatheart Table Design with eucalyptus garland