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Backgrounds that can fit perfectly into your wedding design

Backgrounds are often used to boost the presentation of head tables and cake tables. You can also create beautiful backgrounds for photo opportunities and more. Well placed backgrounds will create focal points that are eye catching, beautiful, and attention grabbing.

A background will help emphasize a place of importance.

Installation, decor, and delivery are not included.


Let us customize a background for YOU!

Garden Gazebo b360

Garden Gazebo

Includes: 1 stage, 1 gazebo frame w wood columns, strands of faux greenery, bunches of faux floral, and uplights.

Some use gazebo for a cake table display.


Gatsby Curtain Background b340

Gatsby Curtain Background

Includes: 1 panel frame, 6 panels of poly fabric. Not included, but we can add: tables, centerpieces, chandelier frame, chandelier and love seat.


Sheer Curtain Background b315

Sheer Curtain Background

Includes: 1 panel frame, 8 panels of sheer chiffon.


Curtain Background b320

Curtain Background

Includes: 1 panel frame, 6 panels of sheer chiffon, twinkle light curtain.


Curved Gazebo b325

Curved Gazebo

Includes: 1 gazebo panel frame, 8 panels of sheer chiffon, fabric bows.


3 Panel Fancy b330

Criss Cross and Frames

Includes: 3 panel frame, 18 panels of poly fabric.


Curved Gazebo b335

Curved Gazebo

Includes: 1 panel frame, 8 panels of poly fabric.


Curtain Background b345

Curtain Background

Includes: 1 panel frame, 6 panels of poly fabric, columns 4.


Sheer Curtain Background b355

Sheer Curtain Background

Includes: 3 complete panel frames, 12 fabric panels.


Garden Twig Gazebo b360

garden twig gazebo

Includes: 1 stage, 1 gazebo frame, 4 wood columns, 28 strands of faux greenery, 24 bunches of faux floral.




Pricing for:

Decor begins at $55

Installation begins at $50

Delivery begins at $145

Client pick-up minimum is $250

Minimum order for rentals, set-up, delivery, and return is $750 invoice total


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