Backgrounds are often used to create a focal point and are also used to cover something that is visually distracting.


This background was used to cover a distracting photo that was not able to be moved.



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Portable White Plank Background

Our Portable White Plank Background can be used as a backdrop for a ceremony, photo booth, sweetheart table or cake table. This background wall could also be used this for seating arrangements or to create a wall of mirrors or pictures.

Our background is easy to decorate - use double sided tape, picture hanging tape, or damage-free adhesive strips with hooks. Please, no nails, tacks, staples, pins or anything that can permanently mar the surface.

Background - Undecorated #840

8 ft. tall x 7 ft. wide


Not suitable for outdoor use. Wind gusts can blow over.

This photo background is pictured with a decorated love seat and a "Say Cheese" photo sign.



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