Ceremony & Reception Lighting

Lighting is an element that can have a huge impact will really help set the color palette for your wedding. A well thought out lighting design will compliment your wedding design.


Patio & String Lights

cafe/patio lights

Cafe/Patio Lights

approx 12" spacing

$25.00 per 25 ft strand

string/twinkle lights

String/Twinkle Lights

approx 5" spacing

$10.00 per 25 ft strand


Accent Lighting


Lighting Packages

We offer two options. The BASIC or the MEGA packages.



Basic - $30


Mega - $40

4 Light Combo


Basic - $110


Mega - $150

8 Light Combo


Basic - $200


Mega - $280

12 Light Combo


Basic - $270


Mega - $390

Basic = seven basic color theme possibilities

Mega = 16.5 million color theme possibilities


Gobo LIghting

Gobo Projector

Gobo Projector




basic lightingEach light can be adjusted to any of seven basic color themes. This light has a narrow beam angle and short throw. It would primarily be used as an uplight that will beautifully spot highlight.

mega barEach light has 16.5 million color combinations including beautiful pastels. This light is versatile and has a narrow or large beam angle and a long throw. This light can be used for spot highlighting as well as providing an architectural wall wash. Works great for reception rooms and performance stages.

Rental price includes the lights only. Customer supplies extension cords. Rental price does not include installation.

All pick-up orders will require 20% security deposit. Security deposits will be refunded once all items have been returned.


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led color chart