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Lighting is a party element that can have a huge impact at a moderate price. Our lighting packages consist of several lighting fixtures placed around your venue to highlight the architecture or the surrounding areas of your event. Consider lighting various focal points such as columns, drapes, trees, etc.

Another benefit of up-lighting is improved photography images. A dark background with a fill flash, tends to produce photos with people in a crisp foreground. The backgrounds usually have little detail and are usually dark. Up-lighting a room gives more depth to photos and generally helps to balance the overall lighting, so you get great photos of everyone and also capture the beauty of the space.





Wall-Wash Lighting

For a beautiful wall wash effect.

uplights - wall wash

Accent Lighting

Beautiful accent lighting to highlight your color theme.

uplights - accent lighting

4 Lights


8 Lights


12 Lights




Patio Lights . Twinkle Lights


Cafe - Patio Lights

cafe/patio lights

approx 12" spacing between bulbs

$25.00 per 25 ft strand

Does not include installation.

String - Twinkle Lights

string/twinkle lights

approx 5" spacing between bulbs

$10.00 per 25 ft strand

Does not include installation.



Lighting Accent Samples

click on image to enlarge

  • lighting-accents201
  • lighting-accents202
  • lighting-accents203
  • lighting-accents204
  • lighting-accents205
  • lighting-accents206
  • lighting-accents207
  • lighting-accents208
  • lighting-accents209
  • lighting-accents210
  • lighting-accents211
  • lighting-accents212
  • lighting-accents213
  • lighting-accents214
  • lighting-accents215
  • lighting-accents216
  • lighting-accents217
  • lighting-accents218
  • lighting-accents219
  • lighting-accents220
  • lighting-accents221
  • lighting-accents222
  • lighting-accents223
  • lighting-accents224
  • lighting-accents225


Gobo LIghting

Gobo Projector w Stand


Gobo Projector

$100.00 per day

click on image to enlarge

  • bass_hall_wedding_ceremony_&_reception-7938
  • lighting_package-5180-lighting_rentals_fs
  • wedding_reception_lighting_-2307-_wedding_day


led color chart

Delivery & Service


Table Top Rentals

We can deliver your plates, glasses, silverware and provide wait staff.


Wait Staff

We can set everything up, attend to your guests, bus the tables and at the end of the night, we'll pack up our rentals and take them with us. Nice!


Party Rentals

Party Rentals