Pipe and Drape | Backdrops & Room Dividers

Pipe and drape is versital, transforms space and looks great. Pipe and Drape can create seamless wall transitions, cover windows, doors, or unsightly walls. P&D can also provide a visually clean backdrop for wedding altars, cake tables, food stations and more. Our customer focused crews can deliver, install, and dismantle your pipe and drape to your specifications.


Pipe and Drape can transform your venue to "Wow!

pipe and drape

Create walls and make beautiful architecture work for you.

pipe and drape

Create a stunning altar background.

pipe and drape

Section off an unfinished room and make a head table backdrop.

Pipe and Drape

Create a head table backdrop by covering an unsightly wall.

Pipe & Drape

Cover a double door entryway and a plain hotel wall to create a wedding altar.

Pipe & Drape

Create a wedding cake background and add special lighting.

pipe and drape

Build a wedding canopy.

NOTE: To get a super wavy fold effect, we use 4 fabric panels per section. Three fabric panels per section will cover a wall nicely, but 4 fabric panels will produce a more heavily textured effect.


Why pipe and drape may be your perfect solution

Pipe and drape is versatile
  • Pipe and Drape allows a variety of color schemes that can work together perfectly with many color palettes. You can cover up that big logo on the wall, a basket ball hoop, an ugly sign, an unappealing view, or most anything that is visually annoying.
Pipe and drape transforms space
  • Imagine that you have a very large room, but a small event. With pipe and drape, there's no need to have 100 people sitting in a huge space normally used for groups of 300. Strategically placed pipe & drape can transform that large room in to a more intimate and beautiful area. Add up lighting for a heightened effect.
Pipe and drape has a great look
  • The bare walls of a public venue, church, school or a storage area can be a real eye sore for wedding guests. You can cover almost any eye sore with pipe & drape, and turn ugly into beautiful while keeping guests focused on the important things like - YOUR WEDDING!


Pipe and Drape uses

pipe and drape
pipe and drape
Add color and texture to a plain or unsightly wall.
Reduce the size of an auditorium or any large room.
pipe and drape
pipe and drape
Use as a background for a wedding altar, cake table, food station and more.
Conceal unsightly construction or storage areas.


Pipe and Drape Prices

Hardware & Fabric per SECTION
A La Carte Hardware
A La Carte Fabric Panel
10' h x 10' w - $90
Adjust. Upright Pole (8' - 14') - $10
10' h x 5' w - $15 ea
12' h x 10' w - $100
Base - $10
12' h x 5' w - $20 ea
14' h x 10' w - $110
10' Horizontal Support Rods - $10
14' h x 5' w - $25 ea
*Installation is $10 per section.
*Standard polyester fabric panels can be upgraded.


Things to know about Pipe and Drape

  • Custom colors and fabric are available but have an additional cost.
  • If ordering this product is confusing, tell us what you need and we can help.
  • The beauty of pipe and drape up can be further enhanced with our lighting packages.


pipe and drape


2 sections
3 fabric panels per section (10 ft. tall)
2 adjustable support rods
3 bases
3 uprights


CLICK HERE and learn how to install pipe and drape.


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