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Pipe and Drape

Decor that may fit perfectly into your wedding design


Beautiful & Visual

Consider using pipe and drape to create a focal point or to draw attention to the presentation of head tables and cake tables.

Transform Space

You may want onsider using pipe and drape to enhance bare walls or cover anything unsightly, such as a storage area. Consider using pipe and drape to create walls and transform a space into something beautiful.


Pipe and Drape Prices

One 10 ft frame, that includes 6 fabric panels.

Size: 10 ft tall x 10 ft wide

Pricing is for white, sheer white, or black fabric




Wedding Altars using Pipe and Drape

  • Wedding Altars w Pipe and Drape
  • wedding-altara
  • wedding-altarb
  • wedding-altard
  • wedding-altare
  • wedding-altarf
  • wedding-altarg
  • wedding-altari
  • wedding-altarj
  • wedding-altark
  • wedding-altarl
  • wedding-altarn
  • wedding-altaro
  • wedding-altarp
  • wedding-altarq
  • wedding-altarr
  • wedding-altars
  • wedding-altart
  • wedding-altarv
  • wedding-altarw
  • wedding-altarx



Pricing for:

Decor begins at $55

Installation begins at $50

Delivery begins at $145

Client pick-up minimum is $250

Minimum order for rentals, set-up, delivery, and return is $750 invoice total


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