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Wood Slices and Stumps

Sizes of the slices and stumps will vary in size - courtesy of nature and a wood cutter!


Wood Slices w630

Wood Slice for Wedding Cake

3 to 5 inches tall / 20 to 34 inch diameter

$19.00 each

Wood Stumps w640

Wood Stump for Wedding Ceremony

10 to 14 inches tall / 10 to 14 inch diameter

$15.00 each

Wood Slices w650

Wood Slice for Place Setting

1 inch tall / 10 to 14 inch diameter

$5.00 each

Photo Samples

Wood Slice and Stumps for Cake Table Presentation
Wood Slice and Stumps for Cake Table Presentation



Wood Slices & Stump possibilities

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  • wooden_slices-16
  • Rustic-Tree-Stump-Aisle-Decor
  • cake_table_wood_slice-1
  • wooden_stumps-11
  • wooden_stumps-16
  • wooden_stumps-18
  • wooden_stumps-24
  • wooden_stumps-21
  • wooden_stumps-22
  • wooden_slices-11
  • centerpiece_wood_slice-1
  • stumps&wood-slices-1



Pricing for:

Decor begins at $55

Installation begins at $50

Delivery begins at $145

Client pick-up minimum is $250

Minimum order for rentals, set-up, delivery, and return is $750 invoice total


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