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We are a wedding rental, decorating and staffing company that can deliver your rentals, set them up, decorate a wedding altar, set your guest tables, serve the food, tend your bar, cut your wedding cake, bus the tables and take out the trash. After the reception is over, we'll gather up our rentals and take everything with us. Nice!

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Wedding Altar Design & Resource

This resource page can help get you to a starting point with your altar design. We've organized types of altars by category to help you narrow down your favorite designs. The altar treatment section can help with ideas on how you might want to customize your wedding altar. Enjoy!

Garden Altar 1040

arch draped with faux flowers


Garden Altar 1016

birch garden arch


Garden Altar 1004

wrought iron wedding arch


Garden Altar 1014

twig garden wedding arch


Garden Altar 1024

Wood column arch withfabric - wedding arch


Garden Altar 1041

backdrop, rustic cross


Garden Altar 1028

Wrought Iron Columns with Pom Poms Altar


Garden Altar 1030

Twig, fabric and floral wedding altar.


Garden Altar 1036

Twig Arch with fresh flowers


Garden Altar 1048

fabric wedding arch


Garden Altar 1052

fabric wedding arch


Garden Arch 1056

fabric wedding arch

Here's a great idea. After the ceremony, the room was flipped and the arch was used as the background for a sweetheart table. We just added a farmhouse table and loveseat.

fabric wedding arch


Garden Altar 1063

garden arch wedding altar



Garden Altar 1065

garden gazebo

Garden Altar 1017

white wood garden arch


Garden Altar 1002

white wooden wedding arch


Garden Altar 1005

fabric and flower wedding arch


Garden Altar 1012

wrought iron wedding arch


Garden Altar 1016

Used as accent to a cake table - Garden Theme.

twig garden wedding arch


Garden Altar 1018

birch twig wedding arch


Garden Altar 1026

Wood arch with paper flowers and greenery


Garden Altar 1042

backdrop, two toned fabric


Garden Altar 1032

Fabric Wedding Altar


Garden Altar 1045

backdrop, always and forever, pipe and drape


Garden Altar 1050

Garden Fabric wedding altar


Garden Altar (flip) 1054

Originally an arch and then made into a sweetheart stage

Wood altar with ribbon and baby's breath


Garden Altar Gazebo 1064

wrought iron garden gazebo

Garden Altar Gazebo 1038

Wrought Iron Gazebo - Decorated


Garden Altar 1020

Birch Twig Garden Wedding Arch


Garden Altar 1021

Fabric Decorated Wedding Perloa


Garden Altar 1003

wood garden wedding arch


Garden Altar 1006

twig and jeweled wedding arch


Garden Altar 1008

twig and flower garden wedding arch


Garden Altar 1010

fabric and flower decorated wedding arch


Garden Altar 1013

wrought iron wedding arch


Garden Altar 1015

twig, floral and jeweled wedding arch


Garden Altar 1046


Garden Altar 1049

fabric wedding arch


Garden Altar 1058

fabric wedding arch


Garden Altar 1060

wrought iron and fabric wedding arch


Garden Altar - Wrought Iron Arch w Gate 1062

wrought iron garden arch with gate


Garden Altar 1061

garden arch

Fabric Altar 4104

fabric altar


Fabric Altar 4102

Fabric, with wrought iron arch decorated with greenery and flowers.


Fabric Altar 4106



Fabric Altar 4110



Fabric Altar 4107

Fabric Wedding Altar


Fabric Altar 4122

Fabric and Floral Wedding Altar


Fabric Altar 4126

Fabric and Beaded Altar


Fabric Altar 4142

Fabric Altar - 4 column w chandelier


Fabric Altar 4146

Fabric Altar with chandelier


Fabric Altar 4162

fabric altar

Fabric Altar 4108

Fabric wedding altar


Fabric Altar 4116

Illuminated Sheer Curtain Altar -  Gatsby Style


Fabric Altar 4138

backdrop with curved fabric and sequin fabric accents


Fabric Altar 4118

fabric wedding arch


Fabric Altar 4128

Sheer Curtain with Twinkle Lights Altar


Fabric Altar 4130

Fabric Illunimated Wedding Altar


Fabric Altar 4147

Fabric Wedding Altar w Chandelier


Fabric Arch 4143

Fabric wedding altar - 4 column w hanging jewels


Fabric Arch 4147

Fabric wedding altar - 4 column w garden greenery


Fabric Altar 4151

Fabric Altar

Fabric Altar 4140

backdrop with hung voile in champagne


Fabric Altar 4112

Fabric, twinkle lights, columns and flower balls


Fabric Altar 4114

Decorated Pagoda Altar


Fabric Altar 4120

Fabric and Chandelier Wedding Altar


Fabric Altar 4124

Sheer Curtain with Glass Orbs with Lighting Altar


Fabric Altar 4132

Fabric Wedding Altar


Fabric Altar 4145

picture frame backdrop


Fabric Altar 4152

Fabric Altar with fabric, lights and pearls


Fabric Altar 4150

Non-Traditional Altar 3003

Wrought Iron Columns with Pom Poms Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3010

Window and Edison Light Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3013

Light bulbs and Sheer Curtain Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3016

Fireplace Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3026

Garden Fabric Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3031

fabric and floral

Non-Traditional Altar 3008

Chandelier and Fabric Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3019

Gazebo Style Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3022

Whiskey Barrel Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3024

Fabric and Table Altar


Non-Traditional Altar - Moon Beam 3028

Moon Beam


Non-Traditional Altar 3034

Non-Traditional Garden Arch

walk through garden arch with gate

Non-Traditional Altar 3006

Shabby Chic Old Doors Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3009

Suspended Twig, Ribbon and Hanging Votive Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3015

Fabric Strands and Old Doors Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3017

Non Traditional Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3021

Whiskey Barrel Altar


Non-Traditional Altar 3033


Chuppah 2300


Chuppah 2400

wedding chuppah

Chuppah 2500


A few of our images have been emailed to us from various brides as a way to show an aspect of decor they wanted us to re-create. We loved their images and now present them as visual inspiration and as place for you to begin your design. Those are not our finished product images, although we create many aspects of these designs.

Tulle Fabric


$3.50 - $5.50 per yard

avg arch $45.00+




$75 sm - $150 lg each

avg arch $75 - $150


Floral Mesh Wrap

mesh wrap floral

$20.00 per roll

avg arch $40+

Fabric Material

fabric sample

$3.00 - $12.00 per yard

avg arch $50.00+




$5.00 - $15.00 roll

avg arch $100.00+


Pomander Balls


faux flowers $8.00+ ea

fresh flowers $85.00+ ea

Hanging Jewels

hanging jewels

$3.50 - per 1 yard

avg arch $30.00+


Twinkle Lights

twinkle lights

$5.50 per 10' strand

avg arch $45.00+


Hanging Orbit Globe

hanging orbit ball

$3.00 each

avg arch $36.00+

Up Lighting

up lighting

$30 - $45 per light

avg arch - $60 to $90


Hanging Pearls


$5.50 per 9' strand

avg arch $50.00+


Tissue Pom Poms

pom pom ball

$4.00 - $20.00 each

avg arch $150.00+

Pearl Strands

hanging pearls

$3.00 per 9' strand

avg arch - $30+


Mesh Wrap

mesh wrap

$15.00 per roll

avg arch $45+


Hanging Votive

hanging votive holder

$5.00 each

avg arch $50.00+

Once you've selected the type of altar that reflects your sense of style, it's time to accessorize with treatments. Here are some favorite things that we use to decorate altars. We can install and decorate your altar. We can also return to your venue and take down altar, as well as any other rentals you have gotten from us at the end of the night.

Arch Design Tips

The wedding altar is the most important component of any ceremony, so start by considering your wedding venue options. Whether you’re getting married inside or outside, take a good look at the possible ceremony locations and pick the area with the most visual interest that's already in place. If your ceremony will be held inside, does your venue have a fireplace, staircase, picture window or a wall that's interesting? If you’re outside - are there any big beautiful trees, fountains, or interesting landscape that you can use as a focal point?

It's also important to think about the mood and the tone that you would like to set at your ceremony. An altar area can be taken from something simple, to something very elaborate. To go elaborate, consider adding huge clusters of flowers, chandeliers or even by adding special lighting. There are lots of options available that can make an altar, a one of a kind. And of course, your wedding altar is often the stage for family and wedding party photos.

When considering a non-traditional ceremony backdrop, consider the type of background that you’d like to have. Whether your backdrop be a white wall or open field, start thinking about what you could easily suspend or build that would provide the frame for your wedding portraits. The idea of fabric hanging from loft beams can be beautiful and interesting. There is also a variety of decor and props that you can use to enhance your wedding altar.

If you don’t happen to have an area inside or out that is visually stimulating, you’ve got a blank canvas, which does have it's benefits. If you’re outside and want to go for a flowery garden look, consider renting a garden arch.

Normally, wedding arch decor should not be in contrast with the environment. Example: avoid using flowers that are very modern or very sleek and attaching them to a rustic, old timey garden arch. Try to use something that is soft and romantic for your rustic garden arch that will frame you and your beloved under the ceremony arch.

Mind boggled? Schedule an design consultation with one of our wedding designers. We can help organize your design ideas into a beautiful and seamless design plan.


We can deliver, set up, decorate and take down your wedding altar. Logistics, type of arch, complexity and decor required will determine the price.