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Bird Cages

Often used for gift envelopes, aisle markers, and as part of a centerpiece set-up



Fancy Wire

Fancy Wire bird cage rentals


Size: 36" height

Product Number: #BC-104

Fancy Wire

Antique White Iron bird cage rentals


Size: 18" height

Product Number: #BC-102

Antique White

Antique White Bird Cage


Size: 24" height

Product Number: #BC-100


Tiffany Blue Teak

Tiffany Blue Teak bird cage rentals


Size: 16" height

Product Number: bc-126

Brass Round

Brass Round bird cage rentals


$6.50 - sm

$9.50 - lg

Size: 13" h - sm

Size: 19" h - lg

Product Number: bc-124

Vintage Wire

Tiffany Blue Teak bird cage rentals

$15.00 - sm

$19.00 - lg

Size: 25" h - sm

Size: 30" h - lg

Product Number: bc-142


White French Vintage

White French Vintage bird cage rentals

$12.50 - sm

Size: 21" h - sm

$14.00 - lg

Size: 24" h - lg

Product Number: bc-128

White Fleur de Lis

White Fleur de Lis bird cage

$6.50 - sm

Size: 13" h - sm

$8.50 - lg

Size: 16" h - lg

Product Number: bc-144

Metal Ribbon

Metal Ribbon Bird Cage


Size: 21" height

Product Number: bc-148


Antique Bird Cage

Antique Bird Cage


Size: 20" h x 9" x 9"

Product Number: bc-150



General Pricing Guidelines

Installation of decor begins at $135.00

Delivery of order begins at $145.00

Client pick-up minimum is $250.00

Minimum size order for set-up, delivery, and return is $750.00


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